2020 Sermons

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 March 2020

8- Why Do We Blush (Al Burns) [Audio] [Powerpoint]

8- Saved by Grace (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Powerpoint]

1- The Bible Refutes Calvinism (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [PowerPoint]

1- Overcoming Satan’s Strongholds (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [PowerPoint]

February 2020

23- Paul the Soul Winner (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [PowerPoint]

16-Answering Bible Questions (Sam Bynum)  [Audio]  [PowerPoint]

16-Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [PowerPoint]

9- All Spiritual Blessings in Christ (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [PowerPoint]

9- Christians Enduring Trials (Braden Tuten) [Audio] [PowerPoint]

2019 Sermons

April 2019

28- xxx (Jesse Kelley) [Audio] [Slides]

28- xxx (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

21- When God Says Nothing (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

21- The Fruit of the Spirit- Kindness Goodness (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

14- The Sheep and The Goats (Brad Stringfellow) [Audio]

14- Deacons— Their Work and Qualifications (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

7- By What Authority (Sam Bynum) [Audio]  [Slides]

7- The Fruit of the Spirit- Long-suffering (Sam Bynum) [Audio]  [Slides]

March 2019

31- The Fruit of the Spirit- Long-suffering (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

24- By What Authority (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

24- The Fruit of the Spirit- Peace (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

17- The Fruit of the Spirit- Joy (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

17- The Fruit of the Spirit- Love (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

10- Mixed Messages (Joseph Marcrum) [Audio]

10- Abortion, The Bible, and the Case For Life (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

3- Authority and Acts 15 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

3- The Lord Reigns (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

February 2019

24- Costumed Christianity (Al Burns [Audio] [Slides]

17- Jumping to Conclusions (Al Burns) [Audio] [Slides]

17- The Impact of Lifes Lows and Heavenly Highs (Benjamin Munoz) [Audio] [Slides]

10- What is Sin (Tim Hamrick) [Audio] [Slides]

10- Seven Reasons for One Hope (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

3- Satans Schemes-Part 2 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

3- Satans Schemes-Part 1 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

January 2019

27-The Hand of the Lord Was Upon Him (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

20-Jesus Answers Life’s Questions (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

20-What is Truth (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

13-Lessons From Peter (Joshua Andrews) [Audio] [Slides]

13-The Christians Duty In A Nutshell (Sam Bynum)  [Slides]

6-Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

6-God’s Eternal Purpose (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

2018 Sermons

December 2018

Cultivating Contentment (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Things God Has Joined... (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

Lost and Found (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Self Decepton (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Does the Bible Teach That All Roads Lead to Heaven? (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Lesson on Salvation (Brody Gill) [Audio]

Suffering and Glory- The Message of 1 Peter (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Lessons From Cain (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Perverting the Gospel of Christ (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

November 2018

Lessons From the Rich Young Ruler (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Purifying our Hearts (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

In Everything Give Thanks (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Stewardship (Colby Junkin) [Audio] [Slides]

Purfying Your Hearts (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

No One Ever Spoke Like This Man (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Focused on Heaven (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

October 2018

The Goodness of God (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Joshua’s Words to Israel (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

Moses Before Pharaoh (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Q & A From the Book of Acts (Sam Bynum) [Audio] 

Principles for Longsuffering… (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

September 2018

Do You Love Me More Than These (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

A Little Maid From Israel (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

A More Excellent Way (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

Answering Doubt (Carson Crow) [Audio] [Slides]

The Call of Ezekiel (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Conversion of the Eunuch (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

What is Written (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

August 2018

Search Me Try Me Lead Me (Sam Bynum)  [Audio] [Slides]

Praying Like Paul (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

Lessons From the Cities of Reguge (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

Surrendering to the Lord (Jesse Kelley) [Audio] [Slides]

The Messiah in Prophecy (Sam Bynum) [Slides] (no audio)

The Need for Teachers and Preachers (Robert Knowles)[Audio][Slides]

Passing the Inheritance (Al Burns)[Audio][Slides]

July 2018

Nathanael of Cana (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

If (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Mercy (Al Burns) [Audio] [Slides]

Faith and Works (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Path to Wisdom (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Keys to Spiritual Growth (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

June 2018

Give an Answer (Sam Bynum) [no audio available] [Outline]

What If (Benjamin Munoz) [Audio] 

Salt or Milk (Jeremiah Hughes) [Audio] [Slides]

Excuses for Not Serving the Lord (Steve Jacks) [Audio]

But What About the Thief on the Cross (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Seeking the Lost- We Persuade Men (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

May 2018

Bruising Satan (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Amazing Unity of the Bible (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] 

Case Studies in Conversions- Conclusion (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Crucifixion of Christ (Jason Downey) [Audio]

Case Studies in Conversions- Part 1 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Choose Life (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

Nathan’s Parable (Sam Bynum)[Audio][Slides]

April 2018

Who is the Holy Spirit and How Does He Influence Me (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

All the Days of My Life (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

How Paul Handled Suffering (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Defying God’s Law (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Our God is Able (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Individual Giving (Greg Odom) [Audio]

A Good Conscience (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Lament of Jesus over Jerusalem (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

March 2018

Marching Orders from Jesus (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Simon the Sorceerer (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Worship God Rejects (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

God’s Relationship to His Children (Joseph Marcrum) [Audio]

A Daily Religion (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Indestructable Foundations (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

February 2018

The Righteousness of God (Reagan Molloy) [Audio]

The Last Words of Joseph (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

What One Thing [Audio]

The Deaths of Annias and Sapphire [Slides]

Contending for the Faith (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

Failures of the One Talent Man (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

January 2018

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

If a Man Dies, Shall He Live Again? (Sam Bynum)[Audio] [Slides]

With What Shall I Come Before the Lord (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Right Living in a Wretched World (Daniel Hunter) [Audio] [Slides]

The Path to True Success (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

What Does This Mean (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

2017 Sermons

Serving God in the New Year (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Giving and Receiving (Brent Barton) [Audio]

The Treasures of the Snow (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Challenge of Love- Part 1 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Challenge of Love- Part 2 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Jesus Saw Their Faith (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth- Part One (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth- Part Two (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

The Tragic Ending of a Good Kings Reign [Audio] [Slides]

Rejoice (Mike Crane) [Audio] [Slides]

Four Perspectives of Salvation (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

What is the Church that Jesus Built (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

God’s Definition of a Christian (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

But As You Say, I will Do (Sam Bynum) [Audio] 

From Passover to Pentacost (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

God’s Manual For Growth (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

The Good News in 6 “Seconds” (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Way of a Transgressor is Hard (Lantz Plyler) [Audio]

The Hardest Thing to do In Religion (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

We are Here to Glorify God (Benjamin Munoz) [Audio]

Salvation (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

God’s Law for Marriage (Part 1) (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

God’s Law for Marriage (Part 2) (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

God’s Law for Marriage (Part 3) (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Two Men Who Hear the Word of God (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

God’s Plan (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

God is Good to Us [Audio]

4 Tools for Restoration (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Resisting the Devil - Draw Near to God (Joseph Marcrum) [Audio]

Metaphors for a Christian (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Assembling for Worship (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Eternity in Man’s Heart (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Living the Transformed Life (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Lesson From Mary the Mother of Jesus (2) (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Lesson From Mary the Mother of Jesus (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides 1&2]

How We Talk to Other People (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

A Healthy Body A Healthy Church (Stefan Richardson)  [Slides]

Fear (Brent Barton) [Audio]

Who is On Your Side (Guy Warner) [Audio]

By Your Words You Will Be Judged (Landon Manning) [Audio] [Slides]

This is That Moses (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Great Physician Lesson 1 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] 

The Great Physician Lesson 2 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] 

The Great Physician Lesson 3 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides- All 3 Lessons]

He Went Away Sorrowful (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Spiritual Bankruptcy of the Prosperity Gospel (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Kissing Jesus (Brad Stringfellow) [Audio]

Salvation by Faith (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Gospel Meeting Sermons (Neil Gilbert) Feb 5-7, 2017

Things That Matter (Neil Gilbert) [Audio] [Slides]

Responsibility to Think Biblically (Neil Gilbert) [Audio] [Slides]

Drawing Near to God (Neil Gilbert) [Audio] [Slides]

The Presence of the Lord (Neil Gilbert) [Audio] [Slides]

The Valley of the Dry Bones (Neil Gilbert) [Audio] [Slides]

Fishers of Men (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

But He Lied to Him (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Lessons from Sodom and Gomarrah (Sam Byum) [No audio] [Slides]

The Conversion of a Good Man (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Common Thread (Terry Benton) [Audio] [Slides]

Reading Genesis (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Blessing of God’s Word  (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

How to Read the Bible (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

2016 And Older Sermons

The Bible Story or Christmas (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Jesus The Way The Truth (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

He Who Has Clean Hands and a Pure Heart (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Power of Unbelief (Guy Warner) [Audio] [Slides]

The Last Words of Jesus (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Does God Really Hear My Prayers (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Philip the Evangelist (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Knowing the Enemy (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Basic Morality (Luke Manning) [Audio] [Slides] 

Why Job Feared God (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

Lessons From the Life of King Saul (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Part 2 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Part 1 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] 

Who is My Neighbor (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Baptism –What We Understand, What We Must Not Misunderstand, and What We Must Not Forget. (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

What Will Not Have Changed After Nov 8th (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Ezra Opened the Book (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Hallowing God’s Authority (Bryant Bailles) [Audio]

A Threefold Mission Statement (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Humble Yourself In The Sight of The Lord (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Israel and the Amalekites (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Responding to Denominationalism (3) [Audio] [Slides]

Responding to Denominationalism (2) (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Responding to Denominationalism (1) (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

The Unknown Hour (Joshua Andrews) [Audio][Slides]

Needed Lessons From a National Tragedy (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Six Lessons from John 3:16 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Give Me the Bible (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Goads and Nails (Sam Bynum) [Outline]

The Character and the Doctrine of Christ (Sam Bynum) [Audio][Slides]

The Sign of Jonah the Prophet (Sam Bynum) [Audio][Slides]

The Church’s Duty to the Elders (Jason Burnett) [Audio] [Slides]

Thou Has the Words of Eternal Life (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Jesus Christ- Our Ransom (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Character Test (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Ancient Sins in a Modern World (Jeff Swindle) [Audio] [Slides]

Pilgrims and Sojourners (John Powell) [Slides]

Living With Hope (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Character of a Great Faith (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Open Rebuke is Better than Love Concealed (Brian Faulkner) [Audio]

What Joseph Teaches Us About Forgiveness (Sam Bynum) (Slides)

Shipwreck (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Twisted Scripture Part 2 (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Twisted Scripture Part 1 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Surrounded by a Great Cloud of Witnesses (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] 

Four Marks of the Man of God (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]  [Outline]

Nada Abihu and Strange Fire (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Living the Beatitudes -2 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Living the Beatitudes -1 (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] 

What Hezekiah Teaches Us About Prayer (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Living with Eternity in View (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

This is a Hard Saying (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

How Long O Lord (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] 

The Christians View of the Old Testament (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Remember Your Creator (Murry Hyman] [Audio]

Her Children Rise Up and Call Her Blessed (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

There is No Respect of Persons With God (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

Lessons from Paul’s Sermon to Agrippa [Audio] [Slides]

Those Noble Bereans (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Instrumental Music (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Five Things Into Which We Are Baptized [Slides] [Outline]

Wake Up (Matt Burns) [Audio] [Slides]

When the Gospel First Came to Ephesus (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Jesus Christ Wonderful Counselor (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Lessons From Zedekiah’s Quiet Prince (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

How to be a Daniel (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Why Some Rejected Jesus (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

False Teachers (Daniel Hunter) [Audio]

Joshua in God’s Plan of Redemption (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Lessons from the Bronze Serpent (Sam Bynum) [Audio][Slides]

Things That Must Be Learned (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

Salvation Basics (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Lessons From Lot’s Wife (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] 

Anger (Al Burns) [Audio] [Slides]

Reading the Psalms (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Outline]

Major Lessons From a Minor Character OT [Sam Bynum] [Audio] [Slides]

The Work of a Local Church [Sam Bynum] [Audio] [Outline]

The Work of a Local Church [Audio] [Outline]

The Resurrectin of Lazarus (Sam Bynum) [Audio]

Test All Things, Hold Fast to What is Good (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Outline]

Cain and Abel (Sam Bynum) [Audio]  [Slides]

Deacons- Their Duties and Qualifications (Sam Bynum) [Audio]  [Outline]

Thirty Pieces of Silver (Robert Knowles)  [Audio]  [Slides]

And Yet They Believed Not (Sam Bynum)  [Audio]  [Slides]  [Outline]

Great Resolutions for a New Year (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

Warning Signs of Apostasy (Sam Bynum) [Slides]

Paul’s Five Keys To Faithfulness (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Then Cometh the End (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

The Conversion of Saul (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides] [Outline]

Lest I Forget- (Brent Barton) [Audio]

Behold the Severity of God (Sam Bynum) [Audio]) [Slides]

Lessons from A Lunatic (Sam Bynum) [Audio]  [Slides]

Jesus is the Answer, What is the Question (Sam Bynum) [Audio]  [Slides]

Who is God that I Should Worship Him (Rashad Carswell) [Audio]

Four Great Commands in the Great Commission (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Lessons From The Ethiopian Eunuch  (Sam Bynum) [Audio] [Slides]

Unto What Then Were You Baptized  (Sam Bynum) [Audio]  [Slides]

Adoption (Mike Crane)  (Audio)

A Generation that Knew Not God (Robert Knowles)  (Audio)

Certainities in an Uncertain World  (Audio)

The Binding of Satan (Part 2)  (Audio)

The Binding of Satan  (Audio)

Providence of God (Audio) 

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Christians (Audio) 

Rejecting the Gospel  (Audio) 

Living in Fear of Eternity (Elec Hyman)  (Audio) 

Conscience (Matt Carter) (Audio) 

Doing our Best (Mike Wood)  (Audio) 

Whosoever... (Audio) 

Ask Knock Seek (Audio) 

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (Audio)  

Binding and Loosing (Audio) 

God's Memorial (Audio) 

Gossip (Jeff Cooper) (Audio) 

Giving Like the Macedonians (Audio) 

The Rich Man, Lazrus and 5 Lessons of Life (Audio) 

Binding and Loosing (Audio) 

The Faith of the Centurion (Nick Woods) (Audio) 

God's Principle for Obedience (Audio) 

The Salvation of the Lord (Audio) 

The Day the World Ends (Audio) 

Mt Sinai the Mountain of God (Audio) 

Mount Moriah the Mountain of Testing (Audio) 

Lessons from the Paralytic (Audio) 

The Thorn in the Flesh (Brent Barton) (Audio) 

Getting the Most out of Scriptures (Audio) 

Some Divine Reminders (Audio) 

Things Ended by Repentance (Audio) 

Are We Living Holy    (Audio) 

Denominationalism, What Difference Does it Make (Audio) 

The View from Mt. Ararat (Audio) 

Real Men (Audio) 

A Sheeps Realization (Jonathan Carswell)  (Audio) 

The Contest on Mt Carmel (Audio) 

Ritual or Religion (Adam Andrews) (Audio) 

Looking Unto Jesus  (Audio) 

Lessons from the Mount of Transfiguration (Audio) (Outline) 

The Faith of Demons  (Audio) (Outline) 

Discouragement (Murry Hyman) (Audio) 

God's Portrait of a Godly Mother (Audio) 

What is Man That Thou are Mindful of Him (Audio) 

Simon Says (Audio) 

The Faith of Joshua and Caleb (Audio) 

There is Water in the Plan (Audio) 

What Will Happen When Jesus Returns (Audio)

The Importance of Bible Study and Bible Teaching (Al Burns) (Audio) 

Choosing Right From Wrong (Audio) 

Old Testament Questions (Audio) 

When God Has Not Spoken (Audio) (Outline) 

When God Has Spoken (Audio) (Outline)   

Except (Audio) 

The Character of a Fool (Audio) (Outline) 

Ministry of Reconcilation (Audio) 

Paul's Sermon on Mars Hill (Slides-PDF) 

Coming Up Short (Jonathan Carswell) (Audio) 

Principles For Prayer (Audio) 

Lessons Learned From the Man Picking Up Sticks (Audio) (Outline)  

Serving God With a Pure Conscience (Audio) (Outline) 

The Sins of Jeroboam (Jeff Swindle) (Audio) 

Making a Successful Gospel Meeting  (Audio) 

Do Not Forsake Thy God (Blake Hulsey) (Audio) 

The People had a Mind to Work (1) (Audio) 

65 Years of Preaching (Eural Bingham) (Audio) 

The Work of an Evangelist (2) (Audio) 

Parable of the Talents (Audio) (Outline) 

Installation of Deacons (Audio) 

Why Do You Serve God (Audio) (Outline)  

The Duties of Elders (3) and Evangelist (Audio) (Slides-PDF) 

My Father's Business (Kevin Wallace) (Audio) 

The Duties of Elders (2)    (Audio) (Slides- PDF) 

Looking at Alleged Bible Contradictions    (Audio) (Slides.pdf) 

The Duties of Elders (1) (Audio) (Slides- PDF) 

The Work and Qualifications of Deacons (Audio) (Outline) 

The Most High Rules in the Kingdom of Men (Part 2)    (Audio)(Outline) 

The Most High Rules in the Kingdom of Men (Part 1)    (Audio)(Outline) 

Three Principles for Youth and the Rest of Your Life (Audio) (Outline) 

 O-B-E-Y (Jeremy Burns) (Audio)  (Slides-PDF) 

 Are You Really Wise? (Audio) (Outline) 

 What Difference Does it Make?    (Audio) (Outline) 

 Lessons From the Conversions  (Audio)  

'3' Lessons From the Life of Peter   (Audio) 

Why So Many Churches?   (Audio) 

Gambling (Matt Burns)  (Audio) 

Seven Ordinary People From the Bible   (Audio) 

Prayer  (Audio)  (Outline) 

The Character of God and The Fruit of the Spirit (Audio) 

The Call to Holiness  (Audio)  (Outline) 

The Character and Challenge of Love (2)   (Audio) 

The Character and Challenge of Love (1)   (Audio) 

Pitfalls of Being a Worldly Christian (Brent Barton)  (Audio) 

New Cloth on Old Clothes  (Audio) 

The Letter to the Phillipians (Jamal Carswell) Audio 

Habakkuk- A Lesson in Patience (Tyler Dowling)   Audio 

Fruits of the Spirit- Joy   Audio  (Outline) 

Talents- (Tyler Dowling)  Audio 

Fruits of the Spirit Audio  (Outline) 

Some Amazing Things Audio 

By Faith Noah (Outline) 

Potential Problems with Facebook- (Al Burns) Audio 

Defending the Inspiration of the Scriptures  Audio 

Choices Along the Way Audio 

God's Wonderful Plan of Salvation Gen to Rev (7)  Audio 

God's Mighty Wisdom      Audio 

David's Words from the Cave    Audio 

That Which is Against Nature  Audio 

God's Wonderful Plan of Salvation Gen to Rev (6)  Audio 

Keeping Oneself Pure (Paul Koen) Audio 

God's Righteous Judgment  Audio 

God's Word on Marriage  Audio 

God's Wonderful Plan of Salvation Gen to Rev (5)  Audio 

The Night is Coming        Audio    Slides 

Living for Today  Audio 

God's Wonderful Plan of Salvation Gen to Rev (4) Audio 

Was Peter the First Pope Audio 

Faithful in Youth (Robert Knowles) Audio  Slides 

Discerning Disciples in a Digital Age Audio  Outline 

Shall We Dance  Audio-   Slides 

God's Wonderful Plan of Salvation Gen to Rev (3) Audio-   Slides  

God's Ideal Man Part 2 

Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say (Al Burns) 

God's Ideal Man 

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